Hardware partners Weave onto Google's Project Brillo

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Project Brillo is Google's attempt to unify the internet-connected "things" which make up the Internet of Things we keep hearing about, but until now we've not heard of many products which have supported the new standard. As of CES 2015, this narrative has changed, and now we have several companies putting their weight behind Project Brillo. 

The actual standard which Brillo uses is called 'Weave', and it can be found in use today by the Google-owned IoT darling Nest for communicating with other devices under the 'Works with Nest' initiative. 

Six other companies have announced Weave-supported products during CES 2015: 

Harman – The speaker company was the “first systems integration partner” for Brillo, has promised to incorporate the new technology later in the year. Harman has also said that it will “simplify the design process for manufacturers by providing support throughout the entire development cycle.” 

Marvell – Although the company has a name close to comic book giant Marvel, you won't find Jarvis from Iron Man here (sorry, we're all waiting.) Instead, Marvell has debuted two new microcontrollers which support Weave and can be added to any company's product to make it Weave-enabled. 

Asus – As the second manufacturer of Google's OnHub routers, it's little surprise the company is adding support for Weave in their own products. 

Kwikset – The company is among the biggest manufacturers of the popular "smart lock" IoT category, and their product line will be evolved to include support for Google's standard. 

LG – One of the biggest appliance manufacturers, LG has also tried various smart technologies over the years in their products. The problem with past attempts is they didn't play nicely with other appliances, but the addition of Weave should help to solve this issue. 

Project Brillo is finally getting some traction it deserves, and with the popularity of the Nest thermostat, it's little surprise developers and manufacturers are looking for ways to integrate with it when it comes to smart home devices. 

For more information about Brillo, and to request an invite, head this way. 

Do you think Weave is set to become the biggest IoT standard? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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