Apple smashed its own App Store sales record

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Most companies will expect year-on-year growth if they are performing well, but Apple has reported they've smashed their own App Store sales record over the past year, including the biggest single day of sales over its history during the holiday season.

In total, Apple reports the App Store took in over $20 billion during the course of 2015. When you compare to 2014, where the App Store was estimated to have taken in an estimated $15 billion, you can start to comprehend just what a big year 2015 was for the guys and girls over at Cupertino. Over the two weeks ending on January 3rd alone, customers spent a record $1.1 billion on apps.

Since the App Store launched in 2008, Apple says it has paid out close to $40 billion to developers.

Of course this money doesn't go straight into Apple's sizeable coffers, but instead will be distributed in various amounts to iOS developers. In an ironic turn of events, it's Microsoft who is set to receive one of the biggest pay checks from Apple due to Minecraft (which the company acquired from Mojang on November 6th 2014) 

Apple itself would have taken around $6 billion in revenue from the App Store in 2015; based on earning 30 cents for every $1 spent in the store. Other big contributors to Apple's big year included Clash of Clans, and subscription-based apps like Netflix and Hulu. 

Not just content with having its biggest year on record, Apple also witnessed the biggest single day in the App Store's history. On January 1st, users spent $144 million in the store. 

Since the App Store launched in 2008, Apple says it has paid out close to $40 billion to developers. The company is often mocked for how much it brags about its numbers, but Apple can afford to when they remain so large and notable. 

Apple is also quick to point out that it is "responsible for creating and supporting 1.9 million jobs in the US alone," 75 percent of which are a direct result of the iOS ecosystem. That’s some impressive stuff. 

Do you believe the App Store will continue to grow over the next few years? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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