Developers, use 'Rewind' to prevent users leaving your app

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When a user encounters an issue, they'll often delete the software and move onto a competing application without reporting the problem they faced. This can leave the developer perplexed as to what happened and without solid data to prevent more in the future. 

A new solution from Testfire, called Rewind, offers users a simple method of issue reporting which uses live screen recording to show the exact point they became dissatisfied or encountered a problem. This helps to provide a much clearer picture at what part of the application needs to be fixed.

Rewind is always recording privately and clips are managed on the device

Found as part of Testfire’s mobile QA software developer kit, the new feature will allow product teams and users to find, track, and fix bugs in their Android and iOS apps with little extra work and saving plenty of headaches later down the line. 

Along with a video recording of the screen, developers will also have access to the usual app logs and details about the device to help pinpoint the issue and get it resolved quickly.

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In a blog post, Testfire spoke of their reception thus far: "We showcased at TechCrunch Disrupt and had a great response!  Almost every company that stopped by shared stories about their app development process and how difficult testing and debugging was for them." 

"The ubiquity of these stories was really striking, and underscored a core theme with most startups we met.  Mobile is unforgiving.  A buggy app experience, especially one that results in a poor app rating, is akin to a death knell for these new companies who are trying to establish themselves." 

Rewind could become almost essential to users of enterprise apps. When it comes to consumer software, a user can often just use a different app, but when it comes to the enterprise, a user often has to use the company applications.

The new feature will allow product teams and users to find, track, and fix bugs 

I'm sure we've all faced that problem which keeps occurring, but when it comes to recreating it you just can't. Outside of software development, I've certainly faced this whenever taking my car to a mechanic when it has a problem. In these situations, it would have been great to have a video of the problem to show. 

What makes this solution different from similar competitors, like Look Back and UserTesting, is that Rewind is always recording privately and clips are managed on the device rather than just sending it up to a cloud to prevent understandable privacy concerns. Users therefore retain full control over what and when they send, to ensure both user and developer has a more seamless QA experience. 

Do you plan on using Rewind for your QA testing? Let us know in the comments.

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