Microsoft's App Studio lets anyone build Windows 10 software

Despite Windows 10 being an impressive feature-packed operating system, the problem Microsoft continues to have with their latest OS is still the app store. Compared to Apple and Google's thriving ecosystems, you can virtually imagine the tumbleweed drifting past whilst you're searching for your most beloved applications. 

Microsoft has attempted various ways to bolster their app store – including making it simple for iOS and Android developers to port their apps – but now the company is looking to non-developers in the hope of boosting the number of apps in their store through a web-based 'App Studio' to build simple applications without the need to know any code.

The studio will be useful for small companies looking to get a functional application out the door quick

You can, if you wish, use HTML to flesh-out your app built in the studio, but a basic app can be created in minutes using the built-in tools for performing actions such as displaying an RSS feed, tweets, and displaying YouTube videos. Although basic, there are enough options here to make a polished app which can be emulated in real-time across various devices. 

After creating your "universal" app, you can publish it to Microsoft's store for anyone to download. The applications can be ran on Windows Phones, tablets, desktops, laptops, and even Raspberry Pi 2 and IoT devices. 

It's doubtful anything created here will be winning awards, but it could be enough to fill a few basic gaps and the App Studio is sure to become more advanced in the future. The studio will be useful for small companies looking to get a functional application out the door quick which keeps customers updated with the information they need. 

For a code-less app builder, it's quite impressive. You can even create dynamic "live tiles" for Windows 10 which pulls live information from your app to show on the start menu/screen of users' devices. 

To find out more and get started with the App Studio, head this way

Have you tried App Studio for building simple Windows 10 apps? Share your experience in the comments below. 

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