I/O 2015: Internet of (Google's) Things

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We've talked time-and-time again about the Internet of Things, but it's yet to gain a major uptake from your average consumer. One of the most prevalent devices to hit the market is likely to be the Nest smart thermostat - which is incidentally owned by Google. 

Google therefore, with one swift acquisition, became one of the leaders in the Internet of Things despite having no real IoT platform through which to connect devices.

We're only in the early-stages of what an OS for the IoT should look like

During I/O at the end of this month, that could be about to change as Google prepares to launch a dedicated "OS" for the Internet of Things. In a not-so-shocking revelation, the new platform will be Android-based and designed to run on cheap, low-powered devices with just 32MBs or 64MBs of RAM. 

It follows Google's obvious ambition to have Android everywhere, on any device. Two years ago the company released its 'KitKat' update which was specifically-designed to run better on smartphone devices with just 512MB RAM - an attempt to grasp onto Android's leading marketshare through supporting the multitude of older devices still being used. 

Google will be going head-to-head against Microsoft in this area who are launching a (free) Windows 10 for IoT which is intended to run on many places where Windows Embedded is used today such as ATMs, ultrasound machines, self-checkouts, and more. 

We're only in the early-stages of what an OS for the IoT should look like, but it will be somewhat of a race to the bottom in terms of how lightweight the software will be. Huawei, as an example, announced an IoT OS to connect devices which is a remarkable 10 kilobytes in size. It's an exciting time, and will prove lucrative for whatever companies pave the way. 

Google I/O runs May 28th - 29th and we will be keeping you updated with all developments surrounding the company's IoT push and other announcements. 

What would you want from Google's IoT-focused OS? Let us know in the comments.


If you are interested in IoT, please visit IoT Tech Expo Europe in London's Olympia, December 2-3 2015.

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