Wunderlist opens its API for powerful To-Do list integration

(Image Credit: Wunderlist)

The popular To-Do app, Wunderlist, has opened its API for developers to integrate its services in their applications. In an announcement post, the team wrote: "With Wunderlist being our go-to tool to track, manage and achieve as a team, we wanted to make it also connect and interact with all the other apps we use in a seamless and smart way." 

Wunderlist's API has launched with several big partners including; Sunrise, Slack, OneNote, HipChat, Zapier and Scanbot. Slack integration, for example, allows users to comment on their to-do items in Wunderlist and see those edits reflected in a Slack channel. As for Sunrise, To-Dos created in Wunderlist will be imported into the calendar app with automatic due dates. 

It's easy to get started creating your own integrations with Wunderlist's API, you just have to head to developer.wunderlist.com, log in to your Wunderlist account, and create credentials for your new application. The process works much like any other OAuth based app, and the documentation will show you how to work with Wunderlist. 

The API has been a long-time coming, with plans initially thrown around back in 2013 when the company raised $19 million led by venture capitalists Sequoia. It has been such a long time in development due to the time it took to build a comprehensive API which performed as the team wanted it to - something which was finally achieved with the launch of Wunderlist 3. 

For end-users, Wunderlist's capabilities and usefulness should grow exponentially as a direct result of their integration with third-party apps. The company also recently launched an Apple Watch app which you can find an interactive preview of on WatchAware

You can get started with Wunderlist's new API and get more information here

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