Zubie invites developers to hop-in with API launch

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Zubie, a leader in connected-car devices, has launched an open API platform today called 'ZinC' (Zubie for the Internet of Cars) which enables developers and engineers to build innovative third-party apps and service integrations on top of Zubie’s existing connected-car platform. 

The company offers solutions for both the enterprise and consumers - allowing developers to decide who they wish to aim for with their applications. Businesses, for example, could be more interested in fleet management whereas a consumer is more likely to find entertainment or lifestyle applications more-attractive.

Earlier this year, a rival called 'Automatic' launched its own SDK along with 20 esteemed app makers.

Developers have access to a range of vehicle data through the ZinC API including vehicle diagnostics, location data, trip activity, and driving data. A range of top vehicle manufacturers have revealed this week they will not share this valuable information to built-in rivals such as 'iOS in the Car' and 'Android Auto' which could give Zubie ammo in the fight against these big players. 

“The Internet of Cars industry is growing, but there is still much more to be tapped. ZinC opens a door for new players to enter and create applications that help small businesses and consumers, ultimately moving the market opportunity forward,” said Tim Kelly, CEO of Zubie. 

He continues: “There is an immense amount of interest from developers to create ZinC, and we look forward to seeing what they do with this technology.” 

ZinC API already powers deployments of Safeco’s Teen Driving Program, enables online booking platform Openbay, and on-demand roadside assistance provider Urgent.ly. The firm is also working alongside other companies including; Progressive, AutoNation, GeekSquad and Telefonica’s O2 Car Connection. 

It will now be a race to secure developers for Zubie's connected car platform. Earlier this year, a rival called 'Automatic' launched its own SDK along with 20 esteemed app makers. The platform then went on to raise $24 million in a round of funding, which just goes to show the interest there is for "the Internet of Cars." 

For more information about ZinC, visit here

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