Microsoft releases cross-platform OneDrive API

OneDrive has seen a big push to consumers from Microsoft in recent months, with incentives such as free storage upgrades to lure customers from competitors such as Dropbox, and visual improvements to the overall experience such as the adoption of Material Design on Android and a stunning new photos view on the web.

Whenever we have access to new functionality, so will you.

It's hardly surprising that Microsoft wants to push OneDrive as your cloud storage provider, as it will be what ties everything together in their upcoming Windows 10 ecosystem. For this to happen, OneDrive will require the support of the developer community.

A post today on the OneDrive blog announces the launch of their new API which allows developers to integrate OneDrive into their apps to store and manage user data across all major platforms; including Windows, the web, iOS, and Android. This continues Microsoft's recent push to ensure their customers are supported wherever they are.

The RESTful API will allow you to utilise Microsoft's cloud storage across platforms, and take advantage of a range of new features including;

  • the ability to retrieve new changes to files and folders to efficiently keep a large set of files in sync with minimal calls
  • resumable uploads of files up to 10 GB via file-fragment uploading for working with rich content, like HD videos
  • customizable file thumbnail images for delivering a more integrated experience across your app and OneDrive

In order to prevent disparity, Microsoft assures they will be using this API for all of their products so that it will be improved in areas which show-up in actual usage. "Whenever we have access to new functionality, so will you," Microsoft writes.

This is the first step in a range of improvements and features due to be launched this year. To create some intrigue, the company wrote: "Stay tuned for more... a lot more." Going by Microsoft's Windows 10 events, OneDrive will be playing an important part in the future of their ecosystem and plans are being made for seamless integration across platforms.

At a guess, cross-platform is where Microsoft can see a potential advantage. If Microsoft can use OneDrive to enable support of iOS and Android devices in Windows 10, that's a step-up from Apple’s Mac OS which just integrates with iOS. Considering Microsoft's use in the enterprise, and Windows Phone's lack of uptake, this could be more a case of inevitability rather than possibility.

To get started with the new OneDrive API, head here where you’ll find documentation and code samples. It only takes a few lines of code to set up a basic integration with their Android Picker/Saver SDK and iOS DocumentPicker contract support.

Do you intend to integrate OneDrive into your application? Let us know in the comments.

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7 May 2015, 6:48 a.m.

I wanted to integrate OneDrive into our web application .Could you please let me know where do I find the documentation for the steps to be followed.