Developers face more problems with iOS 8 than Android 'Lollipop'

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According to the latest figures from Crittercism, developers are facing more stability issues on Apple's iOS 8 than Google's latest flavour. Crittercism is an application performance management firm which has used data from the crash reports of around 20,000 apps to come to this conclusion.

On iOS 8, the statistics reveal that apps crash on an average of 2.2 percent. This number is reduced on Android Lollipop to an average of 2.0 percent. When comparing all versions of both platforms, the number becomes an equal 2.5 percent crash rate for iOS and Android.

Updates since the OS' release have increased their performance, with iOS 8 and Android Lollipop improving upon their crash rates of 2.75 percent and 2.26 percent respectively last December. iOS 8 is also giving developers more of an issue than its predecessor, iOS 7, which had a crash rate of just 1.9 percent.

As for devices, Crittercism names Samsung's Galaxy S5 as the most-likely device to cause problems with its own crash rate of 2.5 percent. This is followed by its predecessors, the Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S3.

Apple hasn't avoided criticism here either, with Crittercism outing the iPhone 4S as the company's most unstable smartphone with a crash rate of 2.21 percent. The iPhone 6, for comparison, holds a crash rate of 2.1 percent.

Such low numbers aren't a cause for concern for either platform, but offers an interesting insight into iOS' stability which general consensus would probably think is more so over Android.

Are you surprised that Android is more stable than iOS? Let us know in the comments.

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