Google Glass 2 is in secret development according to supplier

The first iteration of Google’s Glass eyewear is yet to be widely-available to the public, and already we’re hearing some speculation about its successor alongside some small-time detective work which adds foundation to the rumours floating around this week.

Crystal Optech is a leading supplier of optoelectronic components and the company’s own Kong Wenjun has confirmed – through several “middle men” so as not to draw a connection to Mountain View – that they have supplied samples of optical coatings to Google’s Research and Development department for the Glass project. One of their other products is a polarisation splitting prism similar to that used in the current Glass.

Laoyaoba believes either Google themselves or Crystal Optech has been working with an Isreal-based video eyewear company in Isreal. It’s not a long-shot to take a guess that they’re working with renowned company, Lumus, on their next Glass iteration.

Lumus has gone through several iterations of their own devices going back to 2012. The first was the DK-32 which came with a rather unwieldy box and used a full-sized pair of glasses rather than through projection onto a small piece of glass like Google’s eyewear.

This year’s CES in January herald the arrival of the DK40 which runs Android and projects the interface over the standard eyeglass. It is thought Google had been previously in talk with Lumus but, as a small company, it couldn’t produce en masse as Google would eventually need.

It wouldn’t be surprising to hear of a Google acquisition of Lumus in the coming months – there is a lot of talent at the company which could help with future Glass versions (if they aren’t already.)

With Google I/O just around the corner in June, we may hear more about what to expect from the Glass successor. If not, we’re likely to hear what plans Google has for a public release for the first version – but is a purchase wise when we know the second iteration already sounds well into development?

The complaints around Google Glass currently revolve around battery life; with the device unable to last a day’s use. We hope whatever is planned for Google Glass 2 – an improved battery is one of the things on the agenda.

What are you expecting from Google Glass 2? Let us know in the comments.

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