7 ways to beat the competition – Marketing your Android App

How many apps are there currently in the Android app market, including all the Android stores, Google Play, Amazon, Get Jar and more? The answer is too many to count, there are literally hundred of thousands of apps that you need to compete with to get your app visible. In order to ensure that your app is successful you need to ensure that your free Android app is unique and stands out from the crowd.

 free android app competition

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How can you make your app stand out?

Know your competition, you need to know your competition inside and out and here are 8 ways in which you can ensure that you know all you need to about your competitors

  1. Search the Apps Market – who is on the front page for your topic?
  2. Are the apps free? If not, what do they cost?
  3. Read the reviews! Reviews are vital to see what the customers are saying about them , you can learn what is liked and disliked and what features are being asked for to ensure you include all this in your free Android app.
  4. What is the competition’s key messaging-  what are the three main points that they focus on in their marketing and in their app description
  5. How is the market responding? How many downloads have the got in recent weeks, are they continuing to get downloads or were their downloads all at the beginning only?
  6. (You can check compete.com and alexa.com for website numbers.)
  7. Are you marketing your app’s advantages effectively? In order to ensure that you utilize the app description to its advantage we suggest you do the following:
  • Include your app’s unique selling point, this means highlight what features it has that aren’t available in your competition’s app?
  • Explain how your app avoids the pitfalls that users complained about in the competition’s app – without mentioning or criticising your competition.
  • What you need to do is to highlight to the Android users that you’re offering them an app that they can’t get elsewhere.
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