“There’s never been a better time to do a tech startup“ - Sean Kane, F6S co-founder

DeveloperTech spoke to the co-founder of tech start-up social network, F6S, about how they help these important new companies get on their feet and stand-out amongst competition from larger, more-established businesses.

The most enticing aspect of the network – and one which undoubtedly drives its mighty growth – is its price tag; or lack of. Free to join; F6S not only offers promotion to Startups – but Hackathons, Events, Conferences, Accelerators, Jobs, and Angel Groups.

We asked one of F6S’s founders, Sean Kane, how the company helps startups.

He responds: “We provide growth resources to startups in a social network. The F6S community – which has delivered over $100 million in benefits – has 90% of all of the startup programmes globally; like TechStars and Dreamit.

F6S also has 9,500 people that want to work in Startups – which it connects for free.”

It’s undoubtedly impressive numbers from a company which only launched in August last year, and has been indisputably vital to getting many ventures off the ground.

One of the biggest benefits to registrants is the access to F6S ‘Cards’ which provide discounts from many companies for some of the biggest initial costs. Sean explains: “Any startup founder can come to F6S and get a Card for free; once they get the Card; there is more than $300,000 of free resources that they can use to grow their business without spending any cash at all.”

He continues: “It’s really simple. The nice thing about it is because the offers come from other companies in the community – like SendGrid and Rackspace – it’s really the community helping the community if you will.”

Rackspace, the Cloud hosting company, makes for a great example; supporting startups with up to $24,000 in free hosting.

On asking where the concept came from, Sean tells us “it’s all about the founders” - going on to explain the site’s intriguing name, F6S, which is ‘geek-speak’ for ‘founders’.

He continues: “F6S is always looking for ways for founders to grow [their startups] more quickly, and ways to take the hassle out...which is an incredibly difficult thing. So we’ll add functionality to the social network which helps founders grow more quickly at lower cost.”

F6S Startup Card holder Joaquim Valente of Playnify said, “I’m proud to be part of this community – the $3,800 in Google hosting and Mixpanel analytics on our F6S Startup Card are getting us to market. It’s like F6S was my investor!”

For the “top startups” there is an elusive F6S ‘Gold Card’ which offers a $780,000 value in deals. We asked Sean how businesses can get in on this exclusive club, to which he responds: “That’s kind of a ‘hidden secret’ of the startup world; basically you can’t buy it, you can’t ask for it – the only way to get it is to get into a highly-competitive startup programme... or to distinguish yourself as a startup to the point you get an invitation.”

For the past couple of years you’ve probably switched on the news to headlines of “recession” and “financial woes” so we asked Sean whether he believes this has had an impact on the amount and growth of startups.

His response was headline-contradictory: “There are more tech startups being created than ever before. It’s never been easier to start a new company really.”

Sean explains further: “The growth of Cloud platforms, the global availability of tech talent, and the growth of connected networks – all allow you to get to market at a lower cost. These mean you can launch a new startup for almost nothing, find out quickly what the market thinks of your idea, and make adjustments in real-time... there’s never been a better time to do a tech startup.”

You can check out F6S and sign-up for your “Startup Card” here.

What do you think of how F6S is helping start-ups reach new heights?

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