Staples revamps mobile to create omnichannel offering

Staples works toward omnichannel offeringAs consumers continue to flock to mobile for different needs, well-established companies are re-thinking their customer engagement approaches. This rethinking almost always includes a larger emphasis on mobile and a unified omni-channel brand presence.

Staples recently realized that a quarter of its online traffic currently comes from mobile and expects that number to reach 50% soon. Because of this trend, Staples is revamping its online offerings to make it easier for shoppers to have a streamline experience throughout the shopping process. From Mobile Commerce Daily:

Staples is overhauling its digital touch points, including a new mobile site and application, to provide a more fluid and simple cross-channel shopping experience that will enable shoppers to start an order in one channel and finish it in another. …

“Mobile is central to our strategy as we see it as a core part of our omnichannel offering, along with our stores and desktop site,” he said. “As the second largest Internet retailer in the world, we know that every channel is important, but mobile will be a key component of our plans going forward, as we know it’s the most rapidly growing channel.”

Staples has already tackled a traditional websites redesign and will soon be starting in on mobile web and native app revamps. Once the overhaul is done, site speeds will be improved, the experience should be cleaner and less cluttered, shoppers will be able to order online and pick up in a store and GPS capabilities will point shoppers to the nearest location.

This is a good move for Staples, but it will require a lot of testing. Beyond your typical functional testing, Staples will need to run some mobile usability tests to make sure the new site and app layouts are intuitive an include the right features and they’ll definitely need in-the-wild testing to ensure those GPS and on-location pick up features work correctly in the real world.

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