Why companies are favouring iOS for custom apps

iOS versus AndroidAndroid and iOS have been duking it out for years now. iPhone reigned supreme for a while, then Android made some headway and has  more or less been considered the top seller since then – but the iPhone is never far behind.

The numbers change every quarter (and sometimes depending on your source) but most companies take the safe – and smart – route and develop apps for both major operating systems. A new report, however, suggests that there are two areas where iOS is still dominating.

Numbers released by Good Technology, a company that specializes in mobile workflows, shows that iOS is by far the top tablet OS and that Apple’s operating system is being favored by companies developing custom business apps. From All Things D:

On the tablet side, iOS continues to account for nine in 10 device activations.

But, perhaps more importantly, more than 95 percent of custom apps developed by businesses are written for Apple devices. The number of such apps rose more than 42 percent from the prior quarter, as businesses start to incorporate devices more heavily into their workflow.

“We see especially robust internal development activity focused on tablet applications and business transformation,” Good Technology CEO Christy Wyatt said in an email interview.

Many larger companies, the same ones who would have the money and resources to develop custom apps for their employees, have famously been slow to adopt mobile. With that in mind, it could be that these companies are starting with iOS because it is an easier platform to deal with (don’t make me mention the Android matrix again) and a surge in Android counterpart apps could be on the horizon.

As far as tablets go, the Kindle Fire has been making a decent showing (and could gain even more ground with the introduction of its HDX line), but no Android-based tablet has really given the iPad a run for its money to date. Until then, iPads will continue to dominate tablet activations, which might also be steering companies toward iOS.

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