Google Glass is in sight – Hackathon and SDK announced

Whilst we’ve seen cool apps from Google themselves, and great concepts from third-party developers; we’re yet to see an SDK release to bring these fantastic ideas to the wider-public’s retinas (that’s not patented by Apple yet, right?)

The wait is nearly over; Google has announced a two-day Hackathon in San Francisco for developers who want to test the “Glassware Development Kit”.

Scheduled to happen on November 19th – 20th, this marks a momentous occasion for the new device – one which may make or break it.

"We'd like to give you a first look at the next phase of the Glass Developer Platform during an exclusive, two-day hackathon in San Francisco," the invite (pdf) reads. "Not to worry if you don't live near San Francisco. The announcement will be recorded and we'll share the video after the event."

The regular Android SDK has offered limited access for practice for a while, but after the GDK arrives they'll be properly equipped to build apps that work offline and have direct access to the hardware.

With the backing of enough innovative developers to create enticing real-world applications which consumers want – it will undoubtedly be a success. The biggest barrier at the moment is around privacy concerns – not everyone is welcome of (essentially covert) cameras on everyone’s face.

The argument Google would give is that the glasses are voice-controlled, you’ll have to say “Ok, Glass... take picture” in order to do so. But this is Android, anyone who thinks they won’t be circumvented eventually to be used remotely is only fooling themselves.

Recently the Glass program was opened up for current users to invite their friends to buy the hardware – which appears to be nearing completion.

Conspiracy theorists pitch Google’s new, mysterious, floating barges (see below) as Glass fitting stores, although, y'know, more likely liquid-cooled data centres. It’s not yet clear how Google Glass will work with those of us with less-than-perfect eyesight... but prescription versions are thought to be available in early 2014.

Another theory is Google will soon be heading into “brick and mortar” retail stores – in the same respect as Microsoft has started to. Presumably, these high-street shops will sell items such as the Nexus-line of Android devices, Chromecast, and Google Glass (with a fitting area.)

Android is very rapidly entering every area of our lives, it’s easy to see the merit in such a move.

Are you excited to finally get hands-on with the Glassware Development Kit?

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9 Nov 2013, 3:27 a.m.

Pretty exciting