Don’t panic – Xbox One will support indie development

Despite popular belief, and wide reporting last week, it appears Microsoft’s latest Xbox One console will support independent development.

This should come as no surprise, with the meteoric success of indie games such as Minecraft, and the pioneering aspect of the “Xbox Live Arcade” which has supported developers releasing some fantastic titles out of their bedrooms or small studios.

It was said anyone who wishes to release a game on the new Xbox would have to team up with a publisher in order to deploy their work to the masses – but not any more.

Don Mattrick, president of Interactive Entertainment at Microsoft, told Kotaku: “"We're going to have an independent creator program. We're going to sponsor it. We're going to give people tools. We're going to give more information."

He even speaks of his own experience: “That is something we think – I think – is important. That's how I started in the industry.”

The “tools” Don speaks of is likely to be updated versions of Microsoft’s XNA; which is technically “dead” but sure to be repackaged ready for the next-generation of indie console developers!

Microsoft has come under a lot of criticism around mandatory use of Kinect, DRM (digital rights management) on used games, and many other aspects of their new console. This news will at least crush some of the concerns, but fans shall hope for clarification around those remaining by the time E3 expo finishes in June.

Sony is sure to be pleased with all the negative press being thrown at Microsoft; despite not actually showing their next-gen console at their “reveal”, many are deciding to support the PS4 in rebellion.

Will you be looking to develop on Microsoft’s new console? What do you think of some of the criticisms; could mandatory Kinect actually open up some innovative uses?

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