Android fragmentation threatens future of platform growth

android fragmentation

Android architecture has been called into question lately. The blogs are on fire with Android fragmentation issues. There are over 3000 combinations between different devices and software is running on the Android platform. There are various screen sizes from tablets to high-end mini screen pocket phones. Hundreds of phone models and microchips. Software performance is never constant across multiple devices.

Developers pull their hair out trying to deal with these various fragmentation issues. Only for the next update to obliterate the functionality of their software. Appreneurs are constantly at risk of losing their investment. Or at least doubling it to keep it functional.

Unlike iOS there is not a unified update system available. It’s even more frustrating than fixing cross browser issues for Internet Explorer. It’s a real problem and Android is going to have to face it or risk continual cleaving of their app offerings.

The problem is not easy to fix but it’s not impossible either. They’re going to have to just plain old start over with a new architecture and have an update structure built in. As of yet there’s no word from Google if this is going to happen.

Yes their are a lot less apps for the Apple iPhone than there is Android. There are also a lot fewer iPhones than there are Android phones. With  iPhone remaining the most profitable and easy to develop one wonders about Androids future.

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