Live roadside video in your apps, courtesy of TomTom

TomTom, likely the world’s most recognisable satellite navigation firm, has announced a new API as part of its Location Based Services (LBS) for providing live roadside video feeds into your apps.

The new addition is officially known as the “TrafficLand Traffic Camera API” and features coverage of the US, UK, and Canada.


TomTom chose to partner with TrafficLand as a trusted provider who works alongside CNN, Washington Post, WeatherBug, and other high-profile names.

This partnership will be mutually beneficial; TrafficLand can greatly expand its presence, whilst TomTom users can expand their capabilities.

The Location Based Services platform was launched in November 2012 and aims to offer powerful, cloud-based mapping facilities. This platform offers access to not only vector maps; but also such facilities as point-to-point routing and the award-winning “HD Traffic” solution.

TomTom’s maps cover over 200 various countries, and are updated daily by the service’s 3 billion strong user base. Yet the company is starting to face stiff competition.

Dedicated GPS unit sales have dropped considerably as individuals switch to using their mobile devices as satellite navigation systems. TomTom has made a play here also offering mobile apps, but in the face of free in-built apps like Google Maps, and crowd-sourced apps like Waze.

Waze is the current darling of the GPS world; starting off as a small app with a great idea, the service has grown exponentially. The theology, and goal, is for “Outsmarting traffic, together” by using the whole community to report accidents, road closures, indeed anything which could affect your journey.

The app also has a social side; tracking friends, family, or colleagues as they head to a destination. There is even a RPG-esque “levelling up” system. Features TomTom are yet to be able to match.

Will you be using TomTom’s new live roadside video courtesy of TomTom? How do you think the company will fare in face of competition from rivals like Waze?

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