Help – My Android app isn’t getting any downloads

If I was paid every time I have heard this quote from AppsGeyser app makers I would be sitting under a tree on a tropical Island drinking from a fresh coconut. So many people have jumped straight into app making without taking the necessary steps to make sure that their app will be found on the Android app store.

Marketing and business planning is an essential part of any business and app making is no different from any other business. It is important to ensure that you have followed the following steps in order to give your app the best chance in being found in the crowded Android app market.


When planning your app you need to make sure that you have covered the basic steps in app optimization. The steps that you need to follow are:

App name: For optimization the app name has to clearly identify the content of the app. You must make the name very specific to what the app is about. To find out how many searches per month are made using certain keywords check out the Google AdWords page.

Icon: Your icon is the first impression potential users will get of your app. You want the icon to be relevant and not misleading.

App Description: The description sells your app to the potential user. Make sure that the description is clear and describes what the app is really about.

Screen Shots: Screen Shots are the window into your app. You may use this opportunity to highlight the main functions of your app.

App ratings: Always make sure that you have all your relevant contact details on the page so that any dissatisfied customers can contact you and discuss their issues. People that fail to have clear contact details find dissatisfied users leaving poor ratings on their app because this is the only means of communication open to them.


There are a number of ways in which you can actively market your Android app. Briefly here are the top 6 ways in which you can promote your app.

1: Banner – Have a banner on your website that advertises the availability of the Android app.

2: QR code – Make the QR download code available to your audience through your website, advertisements, instore and more.

3: Redirection script on website –Make a redirection script for your app on your mobile website that will encourage mobile web browser users to download the app.

4: External marketing campaign – Include your app in your traditional marketing campaign

5: Push notifications – remind users to use the app with push notifications

6: Social media – Include the app in your social media campaigns. Word of mouth is the best form of marketing.

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30 May 2013, 7:04 a.m.

I'd also consider expanding distribution beyond Google Play where you may find less competition for your app and localizing your app. Have a look at for help with these tactics.