The Mobile Revolution – Detailed Mobility Stats from Ten Major Countries

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No business can survive unless it moves step-in-step with the changing times. Our world is changing rapidly owing to astonishing technological advancements. During the last three decades, we saw the rise of PCS, the emergence of mobiles, the invention of smartphones, and increase in the reach of Internet. Smartphone are nothing less than powerful pocket computer that are constantly connected with the Internet.

A recent report by ITU, a special UN agency, predicts that there will be more mobile subscriptions than the total number of humans by early 2014. The shift towards mobile is crystal clear. Most of the new mobiles sold in developed countries are smartphones – feature phones are more numerous right now, but they are being phased out. High-growth economies have more features phones, but over the next couple of years, smartphones will dominate all markets. This means that every business will have employees, clients, partners ad customers who are on mobile.

This infographic aims to present important mobile stats to businessmen, developers, marketers and other who want to understand the implications of a mobile-dominated future. We focus on mobile usage, habits, penetration and other mobile-related aspects in ten countries – US, UK, Australia, Russia, Brazil, India, China, South Korea, Turkey, and Italy.

The Mobile Revolution – Detailed Mobility Stats from Ten Major Countries

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