BlackBerry reminds the mobile space they’re still in the game

BlackBerry-Logo-800x529-630x350iOS, Android and Windows are the leading mobile operating systems, right? Well, don’t write off BlackBerry just yet.

This week, the company’s execs have been making a lot of noise about big things coming from the once king, now slightly back-of-the-race mobile player. So how will BlackBerry reclaim its spot on top?

Wednesday morning at a BlackBerry keynote, CEO, Thorsten Heins shared his new strategy and his prediction for company’s future. As covered by AllThingsD’s John Paczkowski:

“‘Drilling down from desktop experiences and trying to fit them in the mobile space just doesn’t work,’ Heins said. ‘People don’t want the desktop experience in a mobile device. Mobile devices need a mobile experience. Putting the desktop paradigm on them doesn’t work. Our only focus is mobile. We are the original mobile-first company.’

So that’s the big pitch. And now that Heins has made it, BlackBerry has to begin the difficult work of delivering on it. A daunting task when Apple and Google continue to so thoroughly dominate the mobile computing space. But BlackBerry has managed to hang on this long after the upheaval of 2012. Who’s to say it won’t scramble back.

‘Some people told me last year that BlackBerry World would be the company’s last conference and my first and last time on the stage,’ Heins said. ‘Well, I’m happy to say they were wrong. Not only are we still here, we are firing on all cylinders and we are definitely in the race.’”

 This ‘watch out, world’ attitude comes just a day after a whole lineup of BlackBerry news. Roger Chen of CNet explains:

“There was the device announcement in the form of the budget-friendly BlackBerry Q5. There was the updated BlackBerry Enterprise Server 10.1 for the business-minded. There was the milestone of 120,000 apps available in BlackBerry World. Most surprising was the company’s decision to open up BlackBerry Messenger to multiple platforms, starting with iOS and Android.

All of those announcements are meant to convey a sense of building momentum at BlackBerry. Indeed, over the last several months, the company has launched a brand new platform, worked to repair its wounded reputation, and fleshed out its product portfolio to three products.”

Looks like BlackBerry is making some rapid changes. While BlackBerry might have some major catching up to do, they certainly have the potential to make a big come back. So what will BlackBerry’s comeback mean for developers? For one, that’s another OS for developers to make a top priority, further adding to the massive app testing matrix. As BlackBerry continues to grow and release new features, in-the-wild testing will become a necessary part of developers’ QA strategies.

What do you think – will BlackBerry reclaim its glory? Let us know in the comments section.

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