Why should websites be mobile optimized?

Not all businesses have realized that they can optimize their website for mobile use without having to create a mobile app. What it means to have your website mobile optimized is that users that access your website through their mobile browser are able to get full access to your website.


Increase your audience with mobile

Have you ever tried to access a website through your mobile only to have the print too small, the page doesn’t fit the size of the screen, making you scroll back and forth, you can’t click on the relevant links because your fingers simply can’t touch the button correctly? All these small issues can be resolved within a few minutes by creating a mobile version of your website.

Optimizing for mobile is often not difficult process. Many websites that have been built using platforms such as: WordPress or Joomla can easily be mobilized using the mobile-friendly plugins that will automatically ensure that the sites are mobile-friendly.

There are 5 main reasons why you should ensure your website is optimized for mobile:

1: User experience – you want to ensure that your audience is able to access all aspects of your website while on mobile to ensure a good user experience.

2: Poor quality – If the quality of your website is poor on mobile, this will give a bad impression of your brand to your audience and could lose you future and current customers.

3: Access – Websites that are optimized for mobile can easily be linked through AppsGeyser to create a native Android app. This step allows a shortcut link to be downloaded onto the user’s mobile device, offering a quicker, easier link to your website, thus improving access.

4: Exposure – Having a good quality mobile website, will increase your exposure through your mobile marketing campaign and this could lead to increased revenues if your website has been fully optimized.

5: Competition – Finally, let’s face it, everyone is now going mobile and if you don’t get your website optimized, you will be falling behind your competition which could in affect ruin your business in the long term.

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