5 reasons why you should not charge for your Android app


Charging for your app is not the best way to start out in the app industry. There are many reasons why in your first year of app building you should not charge for your Android app.

1: Build Loyalty – The first and most important reason why you should not set out to charge for your Android apps is because it is vital to succeed in the app world that you firstly build up a loyal audience. You need to allow your audience to get to know you and your app quality well enough that they will come back to your app and will download your new apps as and when you release them because they are sure of your app quality. Building loyalty in your audience can take around one year and a minimum of 7 app releases.

2: Competition – It is very difficult to charge for your app with the amount of competition there is in the Android market. You need to be asking yourself, why would someone take the risk, and yes, I know it’s only $0.99, but in app terms this is considered a risk, if they can download similar apps that do the same as yours or something similar to your app?

3: Value for money – We know that most people wouldn’t batter an eyelid at spending $4.99 on a coffee, but believe it or not, more than 75% of people would rather download a free app than pay for an app that they haven’t tried. Apps are not like products in stores that you can see if you like or not before you purchase, purchasing an app is a blind purchase which psychologically people are not willing to do.

4: Quantity – The amount of downloads you have is very important in building your reputation as a good app maker, therefore it make more sense to keep your app free and have more downloads and earn your revenue through other monetary methods. The high quantity of app downloads will build your reputation as a good app maker.

5: Reviews – This leads on from quantity, the more people that are downloading your app, the more likely it is that you will get reviews, the quality of these reviews will again increase your status as a good app makers and will build loyalty.

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