Use Facebook in-app actions to target specific users

Along with Facebook’s latest SDK update, developers can now target users who perform specific actions in-app through a new targeting field which seeks out your existing customers from their ‘App User ID’ to further help reach the people desired.

For example, anyone who purchased a specific item within your app can be displayed real-world items they may wish to purchase.

Game developers could target users who buy their games, suggesting others which may be of interest.

This works through developers making a request to Facebook’s mighty servers for a unique ID to be generated for the individuals who made a specific purchase or download; which can then be grouped into Custom Audiences for targeting through the Power Editor or Ads API.

The developer can then reach this group of targeted people on any of the platforms Facebook Ads is currently available, either via desktop or mobile.

Anyone wondering how privacy invasive this method is will be partially relieved to know every time Facebook’s server is pinged it will return a different ID, so the same cannot be used across apps or several app instances.

Marketers will be keeping eyes on Facebook to see when (and how) the networking giant will release Ads into its ‘Home’ product currently available on Android; which may push advertising to the front of these targeted users’ devices.

Facebook Home has seen over 1 million downloads since its launch last month. Results show 25% more engagement from users, and is soon to be further updated with new features (but no ads as yet).

Do you think Facebook’s new targeted advertising strategy is good for developers? Are they making the right move with Facebook Home?

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