9 mobile app challenges to be prepared for

future-of-mobileThe app industry has evolved significantly since its first introduction to the tech world.

Over the years, app developers have had to continuously adapt their processes to the ever-changing mobile experience. But the evolution isn’t expected to stop. More changes are coming that will in turn create many new challenges – and problems – for developers.

Jeffrey Hammond of Information Week recently highlighted a few challenges dev teams should prepare for:

  1. Context.
  2. Device Proliferation.
  3. Voice, Prioritized Over Touch.
  4. Heads-Up Interfaces.
  5. Bigger – And Smaller – Touch Devices, And Adaptive UIs.
  6. Mobile Apps Become Pluggable Mobile.
  7. Wearables, Connectables And Local Networks.
  8. Hybrid Application Model.
  9. Cloud-Powered Development.

See the full list here>>

So… what do Hammond’s challenges really mean for app developers? For starters, wearables, connectables and heads-up interfaces mean learning how to develop apps for an entirely new interface.

As Hammond says, “We’ll have to adapt to peripheral cues such as reminders and alerts that don’t block the user’s vision. We’ll also need to integrate tactile and aural feedback such as voice commands and vibrating sensors that alert users they need to take action.” Changes like this mean learning from the ground up. There will be no best practices; bugs, glitches and errors will appear in entirely different – and unexpected – ways. Not to mention the overall development process will become that much more complex.

This is why QA will be so important. In the lab or automated testing won’t be enough for these new generation of apps. Developer will need to draw on leading testing services to ensure their apps work on these new devices in the wild, under real world conditions. Voice over touch, adaptive UIs and device proliferation will also prompt real world QA, but in-app crash reporting and other QA tools can provide better feedback so developers can improve their apps to successfully fit the changing landscape.

Are there any other major changes you think are coming to the mobile landscape? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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