MVP depends on how you define viable!

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As you slave over those minor details and obsess about features you wonder if this is actually your MVP or not. Secretly you know its not but as an obsessed Appreneur you can’t help yourself from sweating the small stuff. It is contrary to all the advice on MVP you have been hearing for years now. That knot in your stomach grows as you question every move with each additional scope increase.

Well, relax! MVP is dead! Yes dead. The term “viable” is subjective and what we considered as viable yesterday is not going to be viable in the future. It’s also important to remember that viable can also mean value. So don’t take the word “minimum” too literally. Your goal is not really to create a minimum product, but rather a high-quality product with a narrow scope that you can create and release quickly.

The primary issue is that an MVP is your customers’ first impression to your product, and a bad first impression are always lasting. Ask yourself if the cost of repairing your reputation with a low value product is worth the savings of MVP! As you hustle to create a “minimum viable product,” iteration to market quickly for testing your MVP could not actually be viable because its value is paper-thin.

I was recently privy in a meeting with Apple about an app they were taking great interest in purchasing.  They wanted the app developed a bit further but before let us go from the meeting they had some advice. Don’t sacrifice quality for speed. Make the UI awesome and tactile. Finally, the said come to market with a full product. So if your MVP gets you to market quickly, you might not actually be considered viable by the marketplace where you plan on selling your app!

It’s really difficult to put your finger on what minimum viable means; it all depends on your customer’s perceptions. It’s typically not something than can be easily understood in the rush to deliver. When creating an MVP we often ignore the elements that make the app really great. As quality gets left by the way side in preference for functionality, you can see your app become less viable. MVP depends on how you define viable! MVP is like a death of a thousand paper cuts.

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