Making your launch strategy a value system for extra oomph!

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Lots of apprenuers are always looking for ways to increase the effectiveness of their advertising. Focused on budgets and where to spend seems to be the only topic of conversation. They become focused and outright selfish. That is to say they won’t give anyone the time of day unless there is a direct benefit to the app. Since they believe the app itself is so cool, they really don’t find the time for most any other activity but making the app cooler.

However, by changing their value system they increase their advertising effectiveness 4-5 times! Here is a list values that the most effective apprenuers posses to really get lots of free advertising and make it more effective.

Think Partnership

Launches go better if you have a promotional partner! Find a successful partner in the same space  as you and work together on cross promotional activities. We like to partner with the folks at Appclover. For instance, we will be working together on an App-summit (coming soon). Now they are the promotional brains behind this and we help with the grunt work. So we really benefit from their solid promotional skills and they get tons of free work out of the deal.

It ends up costing them nothing to pull together and handle the relationships. We stay focused on our product while fitting in App-summit work into our que.

Be relevant

It is about people’s day to day lives that helps you make more sense right!. Think about super bowls, presidential elections and christmas. These are great ways to help your uses welcome you into their lives. Kind of like the smell of grandmas cookies.

Speak to the few

Stop trying to reach everyone. Pick a rich loyal segment and go with it. Learn this segment inside and out and really speak to them.  I found out my users of an app I owned many years ago liked baked beans. I have no idea why but that’s what the research told us. We put together a few icons of  baked bean cans and our sales tripled. We even tried to offer coupons for free beans but the shelved product companies didn’t get it.

Help out

Let your users know you care and are human too. For instance, we are making Weblance free to all providers with disabilities. Soon we will promote them online too. Users want to help if they can.If they can get the same work and employ a disabled worker than they will do it!

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