How to Extend Your Smartphones Battery Life

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Smartphones are rapidly displacing laptops and PCs. Not only do we surf the Internet and send mails using smart mobile devices, but we also play games, listen to songs, make calls and do a thousand other things on our mobiles. All this, in addition to tens of apps running at the same time, suck the power from your mobile battery. Then the battery dies in the middle of the day, killing one’s mood in the process.

Several features and apps keep running in background, even when your smartphone is not in use. Every second, your smartphone is leaking energy from tens of such pores. If you are one of the many people who are frustrated by the problem of short smartphone battery life, there are many steps you can take to stay charged and connected all day long.

Dim the Display

The bright, crisp, colorful smartphone screen gobbles up huge chunks of energy. If you are using iPhone or other high-end smartphones, the screen brightness is automatically increased or decreased on the basis of your surroundings. This is better than keeping your screen blazing all the time. But you can conserve your battery a lot by simply turning the screen brightness as low as practicable.

Lock your Screen

Smart mobile screens are loved for their sensitivity. A brush of your fingers can turn the mobile on. When it turns on, a lot of battery power is used. Locking your mobile will ensure that it doesn’t turn on accidentally when something brushes against the screen. You can also reduce the time it takes the screen to timeout and converse energy when you are not using the phone.

Don’t Make it Vibrate

In a meeting, or at a place where discretion is required, vibration is better than a ring tone. Otherwise, it is a lot wiser to use ring tones. When your mobile vibrates, a lot of energy is being used. Instead of using ring tones or vibration, you can consider placing the mobile in your view and relying on the lights.

Turn Off Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and 4G

Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and 4G are serious battery drainers. If you leave any one of them on, your battery keeps leaking energy continuously. While you are using any of these features, it is perfectly good to turn them on, but when you are not, shut them all off.

Remove Unnecessary Apps that Track GPS

The GPS unit in your smartphone sends and receives radio signals from satellites. Many apps use the GPS feature to track your location to suggest routes, provide a list of nearest restaurants or deliver any other service that depends on your location. Revoke GPS access for apps that ask for permission to access your location data, unless you actually need the location-based services offered by those apps.

Disable Push Notifications

If you are like any average smartphone user, you have more than twenty apps in your mobile. Throughout the day, you get a stream of notifications from different apps. These notifications light up your mobile and make it vibrate. By turning off all push notifications, except the ones you really need, you can significantly reduce the energy drain.

Close Background Apps

Multitasking apps is one of the latest breakthroughs in smartphone technology. As a result, you can operate a number of apps the same time. When apps are operating in the background, they consume power. Closing background apps that are not in use will help you save a truckload of power.

Don’t Let your Battery get Hot

Most smartphones are powered by Lithium-based batteries. These batteries are specially designed to keep cool even when they are overcharged. But overcharging your mobile for a long time, or keeping it in the sun or other hot places, can cause the battery to heat up. In the log run, this can reduce the capacity of the battery by 20-35%.

Turn it Off!

This may seem to be a rather drastic way of improving battery life, but it can work well in several situations. For instance, if you are going to sleep, or if you are attending a meeting that will last an hour or two, you are not going to use your phone anyway. At times like these, turning it off will help save more battery than putting it to sleep.

To Wrap it Up

Follow just a few of these tips, and your battery won’t conk off as quickly as before. Try all of them, and it will last a lot longer than you expect!

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