iPhone bug gets the last word

hangmanWhen it comes to software bugs, the devil is in the ____. VentureBeat reports that a small subset of Mac users are experiencing a bug within the Messages app that deletes the last word of said messages when sent to an iPhone.

Judging from past experience, I have no doubt that the bug will be fixed in short order. What I found interesting about the situation, however, was the way in which the issues was originally reported by a user. Often times, users will post gripes along the lines of “this app sucks and doesn’t work.” Not so in this case. Here is a terrific, detailed bug report from the Apple message boards:

- It’s repeatable.  For example, the following message always causes the issue:  “man, why are you here?  Two are in testing places”.  On the iPhone it appears as “man, why are you here?  Two are in testing”.

- It’s a problem with iMessages.  If I send the exact same text from the iPhone, it goes through just fine.  The message has to originate from MacOS iMessages.  (I’m using the latest Mountain Lion and all updates as of 12/21/12)

- The full message is actually being successfully transferred to the phone;  it just does not display correctly.  There are two pieces of evidence for this.  If on the iPhone, the user copies the truncated message and pastes it somewhere else, the full message is pasted!  Moreover,  on the top level the messages app (where you see the last message from all the recent people you texted with), the full message displays.

- It can happen with both short and longer messages.   Here’s another longer message I noticed got cut off: “That’s funny that you though I was joking when I said I was debugging.  Why is that so weird?”

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