Apple’s iOS 7 to arrive on time

ios7-updateDon’t worry Apple fans; you won’t have to wait too long for iOS 7.

iOS 7 delay rumors have been shut down, and according to recent reports iOS 7 is on its way. It will be available for a preview release in June and will fully launch in September.

While delay rumors have circulated, Darrell Etherington, of TechCrunch says changes have been made so that Apple can proceed on schedule:

“Apple blogger and noted beard-wearer Jim Dalrymple gave one of his famous one-word confirms today on his blog, agreeing with a source which told AllThingsD that while Apple has had to shift engineering resources away from OS X to iOS to make sure things proceed on schedule, the update will arrive on time.”

The struggle of meeting deadlines and properly extending your engineering and QA resources plagues almost all organizations, so it’s no wonder Apple has been facing this predicament. Hopefully they can utilize the right people and services to get the development and test coverage they need to launch iOS 7 successfully.

So what’s coming in iOS?

Etherington says while Apple hasn’t spelled out the updates, it is expected that Apple is working on a new, modernized UI – something Apple hasn’t dared to make major changes to in years.

What do you hope Apple includes in iOS 7?

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