5 steps to becoming an Appreneur

I have been asked on many occasions if making apps really does make you money. Well, I would like to answer that in simple terms. To make money in any industry you need to invest time and effort into your product, from the first simple steps of the business idea, to the in-depth, business planning schedules. What is amazing about Appreneurs, is that anyone can be one, no matter what your age and where in the world you are, there is freedom and acceptance for everyone in mobile.

Today we are going to look at how you can turn yourself into an Appreneur and escape the 9-5 rat race. Becoming an Appreneur can give you financial security while working at your own leisure. After the business is set up successfully, you can then sit back while the money to comes in.

There are five steps you need to take in order to become a successful Appreneur

Research – One of the most fundamental steps in setting up any business is the research, after all, if there is no demand for what you are offering then you are simply wasting your time. Make sure there is a demand for the subject that you are creating your app around and make sure that you are able to build a complete app empire around this theme.

Build an app empire – Creating one app will not make you a millionaire, even app success stories like Angry Birds haven’t made it this far by having just one app. Most Appreneurs have a minimum of 7 apps and many have in the extreme of 50 apps on the app market. Your app empire will in turn grow the audience level of your other apps and therefore will be earning your more money.

Marketing – How will anyone know that your app exists if you do not market your app? This does not mean you need to go and take out newspaper ads worldwide or create a TV campaign, most apps work through the word of mouth marketing strategy, mainly with links through social media sites. It is vital to have your brand on social and to be active in this sphere to help network your app empire around the world.

Monetize – No money will be made if you haven’t monetized your apps. For the most simple, sit back and enjoy monetization all you need to do is sign up for an affiliate campaign. Once you are signed up, there is nothing more you can do except wait for your users to use your apps and click through to the ads. There other more profitable ways to earn money from an app, if you are willing to input your time.

Updating – No matter how successful your app is, you need to keep it fresh and updated. By updating your app, app users will be sent a notification from the app store, enticing them to interact with the app. Updating apps also brings confidence to your users that the app is an ongoing project and is cared for and nurtured by you.

Did you follow these 5 steps to becoming an Appreneur ? Let me know how you are doing. Email me at kim@appsgeyser.com

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Tony samuels
27 Oct 2016, 8:23 p.m.

This is awesome. Great work but what are the needed tools I need to be a successful appreneur