Breakfast with Sundar, what can we expect at Google’s event?

Google sent out invites last week for “Breakfast with Sundar Pichai” - who I’m sure you’re aware - heads up the world’s most popular mobile OS, Android.

Considering we received little news at Google I/O on that front – only plenty of app updates – it’s not a huge assumption at today’s event we’ll be seeing a focus on “the ‘droid” side of things.

First let’s get the new devices out the way; as it wouldn’t be an Android event without a new Nexus device (or two.)

Best Buy revealed the new Nexus 7 early - in all its high definition glory. Along with the new 1920 x 1200 display; the device also includes a 5mpx rear camera, 1.2mpx front camera, 2GB RAM, and available in 16GB or 32GB storage flavours - priced at $230 and $270 respectively.

Last year, Google launched the ‘Nexus Q’ – a funny little streaming orb which you may have forgot; since it was quickly pulled and is yet to re-emerge. Don’t get excited, there are no indications we’ll see a resurrection, yet – but we may see a new streaming device.

The speculation arises from some eagle-eyed observers noticing a listing for “Chromecast” under the devices section on Google Play’s support pages.

Earlier this month a device named “Chromekey” was tipped for announcement; a HDMI dongle which would plug into your TV – then powered through a USB cable – would allow wireless “casting” of Chrome to enjoy the full internet experience on the big screen.

The device is thought to not just be limited to Chrome either - but allow mirroring of content such as Netflix, YouTube, Google Maps .etc much in the way Apple’s AirPlay works on iOS (although less annoyingly proprietary!)

An obvious guess would be the device is called the “Chromekey” - whilst streaming to the said device will go by the (ridiculously confusing) name of “Chromecast”.

What’s most intriguing? The price is expected to launch for only $35.

Of course, to enable these new features on Android devices; a minor update is required. Expected to arrive in the form of Android 4.3 this should add some additional features to Jelly Bean; whilst not going for the full overhaul expected in Android 5 “Key Lime Pie” around October.

Also expected is the inclusion of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) support; which should help cure some of the woes regarding Google Glass’s battery drain, and phone’s battery for those final Kickstarter-backers receiving their Pebble smartwatches! (Sorry, little bit excited.)

Google might treat us to a couple of nice touches; including a new camera app and the ability to stream track metadata such as artist/track info over Bluetooth such as to our Car Stereo’s.

Then there’s also Google Now. Already a fantastic service; it is constantly evolving, and now could be the time to reveal some new additions – especially in the UK.

Are you excited for “Breakfast with Sundar Pichai” and the expected announcements?

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