Opera’s Devices SDK to power TCL’s line of Smart TVs

China-based manufacturer TCL is set to release a host of new television sets with a twist; they’ll be powered by web-brand Opera.

The new line of Smart TVs by the company - the TCL E5691, E5510, F3250 and F3500 - will all feature dedicated software applications developed on a brand-new Devices SDK.

Along with the TV browser, the TV store will allow customers access to a wide-variety of most the popular entertainment options – from video apps like Vimeo, to social apps like Facebook.

It’s most interesting the way Opera and TCL has decided to integrate these applications with the actual viewing experience. So, for example, you can check your Twitter feed whilst watching the upcoming finale of Breaking Bad (which is sure to generate some “buzz”).

You wouldn’t be wrong to say these features are available on rival platforms; but the companies have decided to include 3D viewing, multi-screen interaction and the ability to use your phone as a remote control.

Stan Hu, TCL’s Director of Overseas Product Planning, says: “TCL stands for The Creative Life, and the company always strives to offer customers only the most innovative and creative products. Smart TV will trigger a fundamental shift from TV as a passive medium to watch programs, to a device that offers more entertainment choices including apps and the World Wide Web.”

He continues: “We're glad to cooperate with Opera, the leader in the connected TV field. With Opera's suite of world-class products, we are sure that we will bring to market a successful flagship product that will contribute to our global strategy.”

It’s pleasing to still see so much momentum within the Smart TV space, but there’s an “elephant in the corner”... where’s Apple lurking with that rumoured iTV?

You can download the SDK here if you want to start developing for the platform.

What do you think about Opera’s foray into the Smart TV market?

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29 Jan 2015, 8:21 a.m.

I have a TCL smart tv - model -L50E300FS - (it's a cheaper model but the picture is great) it has BIGSTAR MOVIES ON IT & YOUTUBE,
and lastly, it also has OPERA SOFTWARE - these features were on the tv when I bought it...I don't know how to work OPERA...
what is it used for? - even if I GOOGLE it up - I can't get a straight answer on how it works, or what it does???
my internet provider INTERNODE Adelaide TECH team can't help either as they only help with COMPUTER issues, not TV's...