Digia releases Qt 5.1 of the (ex-Nokia) cross-platform framework

Last August, Finnish software and services firm Digia bought the cross-platform application framework “Qt” from Nokia.

Today version 5.1 is being released bringing many significant improvements, most notably preliminary support for Android and iOS.

Support for both of the world’s most popular mobile operating systems is considered a “technology preview” which can preliminarily port apps between OS’s using the same code base. Although the majority of the tools and functionality is already featured, full support is set to arrive with the release of Qt 5.2 due “later this year.”

Qt Quick has also received an update. The declarative user interface language for rich interfaces now includes new Quick Controls, Quick Layouts, and many more enhancements which help to speed up the development process.

This is all culminated under the Qt Creator 2.7 IDE; adding over 3,000 enhancements relating mainly to performance and stability.

How Qt, get it? Pronounced “cute”? ... Think I’ll stick to journalism.

Supporting Windows, OS X, and Linux; the embedded operating systems such as embedded Linux and Windows Embedded; as well as real-time operating systems for embedded devices such as VxWorks, Neutrino, and INTEGRITY.

If you’re looking to test this latest release, you have a wide variety of options available and a 30-day trial window to give it a go.

Oh, and of course, as of today Android and iOS.

Grab your trial here and let us know how you get on!

Are you a fan of Qt? What do you think about this latest 5.1 release?

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