Got an awesome startup? Register for “Million Pound Startup”

The Million Pound Startup is an international competition for all the entrepreneurs out there (of any industry) who can register for free – instantly promoting your business or idea – and be in for the running of winning a million pounds.

Worth a go, surely?


Whilst usually these kinds of contests head straight to my delete folder, the backing of some high-profile names took my intrigue. Opening the website presented a very visual look at all the submissions, of which some are utterly fantastic.

One of these backers is London Mayor, Boris Johnson, who says: “London is a terrific home for technology start-ups and a world leader in this booming sector.”

He continues: “This competition is an aptly innovative approach which I hope will unleash even more of the entrepreneurial talent for which this city is renowned.”

There is a direct challenge from Boris for the rest of the world to jump on board and prove the entrepreneurial talent and creative genius is not reserved solely to London.

Even as a journalist I’m looking at the “Startups just entered” area and discovering incredible projects which otherwise I would have totally missed – this is a great promotional opportunity.

Some examples:

Perceptar – “See through the phone of friends and followers alike, anyone that is filming live on the network in 'public' mode. It gives you the ability to share the moment or explore the world and live events via #hashtags. It is a live mobile to mobile video sharing application and social network. Jump from live video stream to stream to explore the world all on your mobile!”

Identisafe – “Worried about your car being stolen? Do you forget your car keys usually? Well you don't need to worry anymore. We have a solution Car security via biometrics”

Chill Out UK – “High speed internet gaming café running on a fibre optic connection. It will have 30 gaming computers which will be set price per hour. When they are released there will be a PS4 and Xbox One on two separate 50” high definition 3DTV’s. Games will be rotated on a request list.”

As of writing, there are 38 countries involved, spanning 100 cities, and featuring 245 startups.

If you want to get involved - and you should - head here to submit your idea.

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