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Let me tell you something that I think you may already know – the Android app market place is getting crowded and competition for apps is heating up at a phenomenal speed. So how do you market Android apps to ensure that they don’t get lost in the Android app market? The first and most important step that many people forget is to ensure that their app is app store optimized.

Market android apps

Market android apps ASO Cheat Sheet via Apptamin

What is App Store Optimization?

App store optimization, or ASO for short, is the first step any app maker needs to take when planning their app, this is because the app store optimization is the basic tools that will help your app be found organically in the Android app store, it helps market Android apps from the foundations.

It might seem like common sense, the higher your app ranks in the app store, the more likely it is that your potential customers will see it and download your app. The increased visibility of your app will encourage more traffic to your app’s page in the app market and will entice more people to download the app.

Why should I worry about organic searches?

The main reason why organic search is so important is because many users still use keywords to search for an app that they want. For example, if they are looking for an app on ‘horse breeding’ they will no necessarily know the name of the app they want, so will use the term ‘horse breeding’ to find an appropriate app. In fact, according to Forrester 63% of apps are discovered through app store searches. Put that into reality, more than half your app downloads are generally from finding your app through an app store search.

What are the key factors to ASO?

There are a number of things that are important in optimizing your app for the app store, these include:

1: Title – Your keyword MUST be part of your title to help the app be found organically in any app store search

2: Keyword relevance – Always keep an eye using adwords to see what keywords are ranking well, you can also have a little peek at the keywords used by your competitors.

3: Ratings and Reviews – Difficult for you to control, but an app with reviews with rank higher than an app with no reviews

4: App Description – Ensure that the description really does say what the app does, the worst thing you can do is build your app up to be a magical app for it to disappoint when downloaded, the ratio of downloads Vs deletions is counted against you.

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