Distribution for dummies: How to increase your revenue with more downloads

According to Nielsen, the average number of apps on a smartphone increased from 32 to 41 with their share of internet usage rising from 8% to 81% just this year alone.  While this creates more opportunities for your app to get downloaded, we are also seeing increased competition in the Google Play store.  How can an awesome app like yours come out on top, if users are having trouble finding it. The answer is to have them come to you!  

Smart app distribution can drastically help you improve your income and app marketing strategy.  It's basic math.  The more places that an app is found, the more it will be seen by possible users.  The more users see it, the more likely they'll be able to download it.  The suggestions that follow can help you to increase your distribution and, in turn, your revenue.

Keywords are key

Users still find a majority of their apps the good old fashioned way, by searching for it.  Making sure your app descriptions are filled with relevant keywords is a surefire way to boost your apps search ranking.  Try and use every keyword at least 5 times and have your main keyword in the search title.  

Good Ratings = Good Ranking

If your app has a lot of good ratings, it will do wonders for your search ranking.  If people see that other users are having a good experience from your app, they'll be more likely to download it.   Be sure to have a reminder for your users to rate your app, but above all, make sure your app doesn't have any bugs or errors.  Any app crashes will surely lead to bad ratings. 

Alternative App Stores

Who says Google has to be the boss of everything?  By spreading your app into different appstores, not only do you expand the audience of who sees it, you could potentially make more money for each download.  For example, SlideME allows you to take up to 91% of revenue home.  The Amazon Apps store's strict review process encourages high quality apps, meaning you could charge more for your app.  GetJar is another great option too. 

Think Globally

Did you know that China's app market grew by 870% in 2011?  What about Argentina with a 527% increase?  Limiting your app to only your local market could really limit your revenue.  Experiment with adding other languages, or try using only icons and images in your app.  Get creative.

Keep up the good work

Maintaining your apps constantly ensures that you will maintain the success that your app receives.  With the ever changing app market, it's always a good idea to periodically release a new version to keep pace with what's out there.

Update every 4-6 weeks

This shows commitment to your customers

Why stop at one app?

Create a variety of apps in different categories, even if they aren't great.



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