3 quick ways to monetize your Android app

Android app network marketing There are different reasons why people create apps, some people create apps for their businesses, some people create apps for fun and others create apps solely to earn an additional income. Whatever your reason is for creating your Android app earning a little extra cash on the side can only be an additional benefit to the work you have put in.

In order to monetize your Android app you do not need to be an expert marketer or app developer. There are three simple ways in which you can increase your income.

1: Banners – Most commonly used tool for monetizing an Android app is the use of banners. There are a few ways I which banners work. There are regular banners that appear at the top and at the bottom of your app and there are full page banners. What you need to do is create an account with an affiliate site, such as admob, and place your publisher code into your app. Once the app is generating downloads the income will automatically be generated. This is a great way to earn a passive income without having to do any work.

2: Networking – Taking the idea of banners to the next step and start creating links to people and businesses that you know. Sell some space on your app to local companies looking to advertise their businesses. If your app is successful companies will be willing to pay you big bucks to advertise their businesses with you. Networking takes time, however once you have uploaded these ads, you can sit back and enjoy the cash.  Make sure when creating an advert you follow the simple rules.

3: Sales/upselling – There is no surprise that sales will show up on this this. Sales require a lot more thought and work that the other two monetizing options however, sales can be the most lucrative. There are a number of ways in which you can sell on your app. You can sell additional ‘products’ that will enhance the app, a little like how games such as Farmville sell credits, you can sell real products like a website store or you can sell your premium app that holds all the upgrades.

Whichever way you choose to monetize your Android app we wish you great success. Why don’t you let us know via Facebook or Twitter how you got on and what tricks worked for you.

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