Beginners tips: Creating the right content for your Android app

Well done for getting to this stage in your app making. By now you will have already decided what subject you are creating an app about and who your audience is. Now what you need to do is decide how to create the correct content for your app to keep your audience interested.

When you create content for your app you need to consider both the internal and external content for your Android app. External content is the content that is seen prior to the app being installed; the app name, the app icon and the app description, this is what wraps up your app, the internal content is what the audience will read once they open the app.

External Content

App name – creating your app name is an important focus point for your app search. Unlike other businesses, app names do not need to be creative, funky or clever; an app name needs to be simple and concise so that it can be found in an app search. You can read more on app names here.

App icon – The icon presents your brand to the app audience, this is your only opportunity to show a little of your business personality before the app is downloaded.

App description
– when you write the description for your app you need to write it as if the person that is reading the description has no idea of what an app is and what the app will be able. The simpler the description the easier it is to understand and therefore the more chances that your app will be downloaded.

Internal content

App style – choosing the correct app making tool for your app will help suit your app to your audience. If you are looking at creating a self- help tool, you may wish to choose creating a video style app. Some apps, such as an ebook, are more successful if they are created using the HTML editor or by uploading a document because they are available offline. Imagine you are on a train with no internet access; you will still have access to this app.

Writing style
– you need to decide the amount of writing you need to add into your app, too much writing could put your users off from using your app. You also need to write your content to the language level of your audience; if the audience may be a multinational audience then you need to simplify your language.

– choosing the correct images is vital for the feel you want to give your app, the images are the first thing that people notice when opening an app. It is important that you ensure that your images are suited to all audience levels, GooglePlay can reject your app if any image is considered unsuitable for younger audiences.

The last tip that I can offer you on the content of your app is to always get someone to read over the app before you publish it. If a friend or colleague can not understand what the app is about, then someone that has no connection to you and does not know your business will definitely not be able to understand the app, losing you vital users.

Good luck, we would like to hear from you and see how you have got on with your Android app making.

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