6 questions to ask a web developer before hiring

I think these guys are great. They have carved out a niche market by catering to churches. Probably not a tech savvy crowd, they decided to make some great videos to sell their services and educate their prospective customers.

Very good points and right on target. I wish this was a bit longer! These are great questions and are a great start. I am sure we can all think of 10 more. Someday we will release our manual on how to hire! Oh dear, so many possibilities...

The six questions:
1. Why are they in business?
2. Are they an individual or a company and do they do this full time?
3. What is the website platform and is it transferable? (desktop-based or web-based)
4. What are some of the other sites they have developed?
5. Once the site is up, how do I get support? (phone, email, none)
6. Can I have some references, please?

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