8 tips that you must follow when using Social Media for your app business

We have been looking recently at using social media as your main marketing tool, after all, where else will you find a marketing tool that is as strong as social media and comes for free? The power of social media however, is not always a good thing, one mistake and your business can be seriously damaged, sometimes I would go as far as saying destroyed.

Today we are going to look at the do’s and the don’ts of social media with the aim to educate you enough to ensure that you do not fall into the traps that many before you have fallen. Social media is our friend and as with all friends it has to strong and weak points.

Here is a list of the top 7 tips that you need to know when using social media as a marketing tool:

1: Facebook – This platform is the most popular platform in use today due to its visual expertise and ease of use. We suggest that you put your time and effort into making your Facebook count. This means in order to ensure that your Facebook page is continuously active you need to be posting content at least once a day

2: Twitter – You need to be active on Twitter and up to date with your messages as your customers will be expecting immediate responses. Twitter is known as being a real-time social media tools, therefore your customer service needs to be active in real-time too. The way you respnd on Twitter is important as all posts are searchable.

3: Honesty – Even when you can’t resolve a customer’s problem instantly always make sure you notify them that you have the matter in hand and will be looking at how to assist, your efforts will be noted. Think about times when you’ve used customer service and they haven’t been able to solve your problem but they’ve been very sympathetic and friendly. Then think about times when you’ve used customer service and they have solved your problem, but only after giving you the runaround and acting like they were doing you a favor.

4: Customer Satisfaction – Give your customers a great experience, let them get to know you and the personality behind your business. Those that feel attached will become truly drawn in your Android app business and will talk about it, tell all of their friends about it, and spread the word. The theory is that people want to make the world a better place. Give them a good product and a great eperience, and they’ll want to tell everyone about it.

5: Reviews – Encourage customers to share their experience with your business and their ideas on social media. It is human nature for some unknown reason, to write a review or contact a company publicly only when there is a complaint, turn this around, get your audience to share positive product reviews on their Facebook walls or Twitter feeds.

6: Self-promotion – DO NOT TALK ABOUT YOURSELF – Social media is about the social interaction your business has with their audience, not about selling your products. Give people content that’s interesting, informative, or humorous. If customers know that they’ll always get a laugh by checking your Facebook page, or some important information on the topic that thy are interested in, then they’ll keep checking back.

7: Criticism – NEVER delete criticism. You need to understand that your business is not perfect and someone will complain, the most important part of sical media is to always be honest in your responses, do not deny an incident took place, answer the complaint honestly and politely. This will show the remaining audience that you are trustworthy, customers want to see how you handle complaints and issues. If someone writes on your Facebook wall “Your app stinks. I hate it,” and you write back “Everyone else likes it,” you’re sending a message that you don’t care. If you write back “I’m sorry you’re not enjoying our product. Please send me an email explaining the problem and I’ll see if I can find a solution for you,” you’re sending a message that the customer is important. Again, even if you can’t make the app do what the user wants, the fact that you have tried is crucial. (And, if you’re selling your app, if you can’t find a solution, refund the user’s money!)

8: Get your social media visual by using images and Videos.People enjoy watching videos. Give them how-to videos that show how to use the app, ask  them to send in their videos. Stand on your head while talking about your app. Make the videos interesting!

Remember being social in business is not much different to being social in your personal life. People want to know that the company they are dealing with is run by a real human being that will take their needs seriously. I hope I have helped you in your quest to get your app business live in the social media world.

If you’re serious about your app, use the opportunity to use social platforms to get your app out there. Research what works, write down a strategy, and follow it. Remember that your strategy will only work if you keep up with it. Being there is the most important part of the process! 

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