UK’s lead mobile development firm launches The Responsive Website Company

Your favourite publication may not be responsive yet – watch this space - but the inevitability is any website worth their two cents will be utilising responsive designs over the next few years.

Clifton-based The Responsive Website Company is priming itself to be at the forefront of development.

TRW is a sister company of mobile development firm Mubaloo. As the UK’s leader of this field; the company has already proven its worth.

Featuring clients including Channel 4, Sky, Samsung, Lovefilm, NHS, Aviva, and William Hill - the list is not only endless; it is chock-full of variety. It’s this wide-experience which will drive trust in the team’s capabilities to deliver fantastic websites which are customised to each client’s (very individual) requirements.

The company will remain independent of mobile development operations. Entrepreneur and founder of Mubaloo, Mark Mason, is to place control in Managing Director Karl Loudon.

Karl explains why the company is launching: “Mubaloo has a good heritage in the mobile space, and they saw a lot of requests filtering through from clients for mobile-optimised and responsive websites. So it was a natural move to be able to service those requests.”

He continues: “We wanted to do this without diluting what Mubaloo do, they are very good at apps – both native and web based – but there’s a lot of space for us to do this under one roof.”

Mark, who won both the “App Developer” and "Appsters Champion" category at The Appsters Awards in London last year, is certainly experienced in the industry. Based on previous successes; we can all be sure he knows where to sensibly place investments - to which he’s placed a sizeable £200,000 into TRW.

Whilst this may first appear a large sum; the company has turnover projections of £160,000 between now and December 2013, and is already launching with four major clients including Cunningham Lindsey.

These are large projections. Asking whether this is due to lack of competition, he says: “Not at all, quite the opposite. Where we hope to differentiate ourselves is that mobile strategy is very much at the core of the business. Making sure your digital brand is available everywhere.”

He follows-up: “It’s only really now a lot of clients are waking up to the fact their website and brand has to be more accessible, and it’s that accessibility which responsive websites provide.”

The web is currently in a major shift towards these new responsive websites; especially with the myriad of different devices people access the web from. For this reason, I wanted to pick Karl’s thoughts on the advantages these supply over your traditionally static websites.

He explains: “One of the most obvious is the improved efficiency. Rather than having multiple websites - you can refine them into one - which then works across multiple devices. This then means you’ve only got one place to update, and a central place where all sales and leads are coming from.”

With up to 50% of traffic coming from mobile devices for many websites; it is a requirement for many brands to have a great experience for these potential customers. This goes beyond simply having a website which “works” on mobile, and one which is truly optimised and displays your brand to the best of its ability – which The Responsive Website Company work hard to deliver.

You can take a look at The Responsive Website Company here.

What do you think about responsive websites, are they set to rise over the next few years? Was it a good decision for Mubaloo to position themselves as a key player in this new generation of website development?

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