Support apps for startups suck...until now

In the past 5 years or so we’ve really seen an explosion of online support apps. These companies have become some of the most lucrative business of late; basically the Zen desk clone wars.

For me it’s been very interesting to watch these companies as they design their applications. In my career I’ve always worked in organizations where we built our own support applications. I have also needed a good support app for my startups. So this is a topic I researched often and did so with great interest.

I have taken great interest not only because of my own needs but because this is an industry where the apps suck bad and yet people seem to be making millions. To say I have not been impressed by any of the current market offerings would be an under statement of epic proportions.

It seems that many Support SaaS are either trying to be project management tool or trying to be all things to everyone. There is an amazing complexity to these apps that I quite frankly just don’t have the time for.

For my startups, I just need to collect tickets and knock them down. I need the ability to set users a workflow and I want to do it in less than 15 min. Anything more complicated than that and you can take your freemium model and shove it up the black hole left in your workflow.

Then about 6 months ago on a Sunday afternoon I was just sort of looking around to see if any new Support apps had cropped up. Lo and behold I stumbled across a company called groove HQ.

The design rocked and so of course I immediately signed in. Right away I knew that this app was the bomb. It looked good and simple. Immediately struck with design jealousy and bitter UI envy. I decided to send them an e-mail telling them that I thought their design was excellent. Although I was slightly pissed off in a jealous design kind of way, I knew the purely therapeutic measure of a compliment would at least be a step in the right direction emotionally.

Setting the app up was ridiculously simple. You just create rules for however you want to work. Whatever your workflow, whatever your organization, you can just simply create a rule. There’s really no other way to explain it than that. It’s just frickin simple.

So after you build your app on Weblance we recommend that you go over and look up the I’ve gotten to know a couple of them and I’ve been reading their blog religiously. I can tell you that they are good folks and they will take care of your needs. GrooveHQ is what we use here at Weblance and I suggest you give it a try too!

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