The most needed gap to be filled in app freelancing

Anyone who has built an app knows there is a massive gap in the market when it comes to server management. Especially for those Appreneurs is looking to host their app on a budget. Fully managed servers are expensive and often required. Many apps will need several custom services to be installed and setup.

Shared hosting just does not cut the mustard. You’re going to need a VPS or dedicated server. We actually use Rackspace open cloud ourselves.

Once you sign up for these services, you find that you’re going to need a handful of system administration services as well as ongoing support. You may even want to harden your server for that extra peace of mind.  Whatever the need, finding the reliable talent isn’t easy.

The problem is that most Appreneurs have really only 2 options. Upgrade to that über expensive fully managed service. Or hire a freelancer. To be honest, those system administration freelancers just don’t seem to exist. Oh yes, they are out there but they’re hard to find and even harder to find reliably.

If you thought you could rely on your developer to handle some of the server set up, think again. Most developers I know don’t want anything to do with managing a server. In fact many don’t even know SSH, the language to manage server. 

So what the freelance market needs is a place to go to get things done. Something that works 24 hours a day 7 days a week and responds quickly. It must be reliable, cheap and quality.

Weblance has come up with a great solution. As you know, you can build your app on Weblance. Now you can have your server administered from Weblance as well. Micro Weblance is full of freelancers ready to help administer your server.

The great thing about Micro Weblance is that it is on a job by job basis. Meaning once your server is set up you don’t have to continue to pay for management hosting. The service is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. And the prices are extremely affordable.

For $30 or $40 you can have your server completely hardened. Or have those hacked files cleaned and removes. For $10 or $20 you can have services installed. And response time is usually just a couple of hours. So don’t pay for that fully managed expensive hosting. Get yourself an unmanaged server, we recommend the sign-up for cloud flair, and hit Micro Weblance. There you can have a full server set up done in just a couple of hours.

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