Are you the next budding appreneur?

We are now living in the digital age and the want to work for oneself has continued to be a dream for many. Once we would have strived to become an entrepreneur, to open a new business, build it from scratch and reap what you have sowed, but this notion has been taken over by a new wave of entrepreneurs better known as Appreneurs.

I am always talking about building app empires and becoming an Appreneur, and never gave it a thought that maybe not all of you have heard this phrase Appreneur before.

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What is an Appreneur?

The term Appreneur is a new term that has recently become a buzz word in the digital world. The explosion of smartphones in recent years has opened up a new phenomenon which we know as Apps. Apps are part of a new market, reaching out to a new audience that has emerged from the expanding mobile world.  

Apps offer new business opportunities, and they have opened new ways of doing business.  These new business models and audience members have created a surge in demand for new apps to be created to quench the thirst for information on the move. Appreneurs are jumping at this demand and are producing apps, entering the market while it is still reasonably new and are making a decent living from app creations.

How do you become an Appreneur?

There are a few steps that you need to consider when starting out your path to become an Appreneur.

1: You need to create a business plan including all financial aspects of your business.

2: Market research is vital, you need to ensure that your app ideas are unique to the market and that there is a will audience ready waiting for an app of this style.

3: Decide how you will market your app, your audience needs to be aware that the app has been created. Many Appreneurs build a large social network following before launching their first app

4: Will you charge of your app, or raise revenue through other avenues?

5: Build your app empire. Before you even start with creating your first app, you need to be prepared to create a minimum of 7 apps to be noticed in the market. Angry Birds was the 52nd app published by Rovio before they became a hit. Dedication and perseverance is what is required.

Do Appreneurs really make a good living?

Chad Mureta is one of the first Appreneurs to make a successful living from app making. While having no tech experience and being confined to a hospital bed after a car accident, Mureta decided to experiment with creating apps and he created an app called ‘Fingerprint Security pro’. Over the last few years he has built an app empire of 46 apps, with an estimated 35 million downloads between them. The apps are now in the market allowing Mureta to work less and ‘play’ more. You can read more about Mureta on his website.

Another successful Appreneur is Taylor Pierce. Pierce began developing apps since Apple’s App Store opened to the public in 2009. He briefly worked an internship with Apple in Cupertino, California, helping him learn more about the industry from the inside. Since founding Idea 2 App Store, Taylor has developed over 60 apps, of which many have ranked among Apple’s top 200. His business now creates apps for others and he has also written a book on Appreneurs.

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5 Apr 2013, 4 p.m.

Being an appreneur sounds like a great idea until you realise the resources needed to actually pull it off if you have no technical expertise of your own.

Also, how do you determine the success of an appreneur? By the number of downloads or by the amount of money actually made?