updates with 250k posts and iOS app

Dalton Caldwell’s, the social network designed as a paid-for, developer-friendly Twitter, has bolted past 250,000 posts amid the launch of an iOS app.

According to an post by Caldwell, approximately half of the posts are from third party clients.

The iOS app, AppNet Rhino, is a collaboration between Planet 1107 and TwinkleTap, and is available from the App Store with a three star rating thus far. Buffer, a post scheduler, already supported but it was updated, not built from scratch.

The social network, which bills itself as “a real-time social service where users and developers come first, not advertisers”, had a funding goal of $500,000 to hit by August 14, which it achieved with 38 hours to spare. DeveloperTech reported on the last-ditch funding target success back in August.

Despite the support from 12,000 backers, including Instapaper creator Marco Arment, not everybody is expecting great things from

MG Siegler, in a blog post, was less certain of Caldwell’s chances with despite praising the start-up’s intentions.

“ is meant to die as the hero,” Siegler wrote, adding: “It’s meant to be remembered as the thing that was going to change everything, but the cruel world shot it down”.

Caldwell fumed over Facebook’s failed acqui-hire attempt.

“The execs made clear that the success of my product would be an impediment to [Facebook’s] ad revenue financial goals, and thus even offering me the chance to be acquired was a noble and kind move on their part,” he said in a post on his site.

Have you signed up yet and if not, why not? Do you think the potential of could be so much greater if and when they transfer to a different API which would stop them from becoming a ‘Twitter clone’?

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