How to rescue a project that is in trouble

All projects face issues. Often times the way you resolve those issues will be the difference project failure and project success. Here are some ways to rescue your project when the wind blows your way!

Talk your team about prioritizing features together with specifications.

This will allow you to put the less important items last thereby minimizing your risk of not meeting the deadline. Eliminate any features or functionality that they live without until after the project deadline.

Increase resources

Talk your team about adding new resources to the project to help you meet your deadline.  A highly skilled project manager will have several solid developers within their network, which are able to come on for a short period of time and allow you to meet your deadlines.

The following technique might not be friendly for your budget costs but it can be an option depending over the significance of meeting ones deadline.

Manage scope with iron fist

This does not mean that you have to be unlikable. But it does mean locking down scope changes.

Control the client

If the client decides to add scope during this time period you have to tell them that they’re either going to choose between meeting the new deadline or adding scope and that there are actually no other options. Work with the team to develop ideas and techniques that will allow them to deliver the project on time.

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