Zapstreak: Your new favourite media streaming SDK?

Polish firm Zapstreak has unleashed its mobile SDK for live media streaming upon the world of Android app development.

With a lengthy 6 months beta phase now at its end, the SDK offers developers Airplay-like functionality between Android devices and a range of other wifi enabled media gadgetry.

Zapstreak’s use of Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA), now widely used among TV manufacturers, allows easy sharing of digital content between mobiles and tablets, and TVs, Wi-Fi radios, home entertainment systems and games consoles.

With SDKs already in beta for Windows Phone and iOS, Zapstreak risks potentially becoming the ubiquitous media streaming solution that rival services such as Airpush and Miracast are not.

The use cases range wider than streaming videos, with beta stage feedback indicating a much wider range of potential applications for the technology. And as app development directions become influenced by better connection between mobile devices and home surround sound and hi-def big screens, we look forward to being surprised by what devs come up with.

Matt Rutkowski, CEO and co-founder of Zapstreak, said, “We’re really looking forward to the full launch of Zapstreak. The team has been building up to this moment for some time and we’re looking forward to working closely with more and more Android developers over the coming months.”

Zapstreak is offering a month’s free access the first hundred developers to sign up; but for everyone else, it’ll cost $29 a month. Find out more about pricing, or apply to take part in the Windows or iOS betas here.

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