TomTom launches digital mapping developer platform

Digital mapping firm TomTom has launched a Location Based Services (LBS) Platform and Developer Portal to allow developers to harness its location technology for web and mobile app creation.

The company has long been one of the leaders in the field, providing maps, navigation and traffic information to all sorts of devices and interfaces for over 20 years. It provides mapping for some of the leaders in mobile, names like RIM, Apple and HTC.

However, the increasing power of mapping and navigation services that come pre-loaded onto most new smartphones means that this move is virtually a no brainer for the once dominant player in the space.

While TomTom has offered its own mobile apps for a while, competitive pricing in the market has increased the attractiveness of this new licensing model to the point where it has become irresistible.

Through its new LBS platform, Developers can now access a variety of services including map display and routing, traffic and geocoding; along with downloadable iOS (v 5.0), Android (API Level 8 [V2.2x] and higher), and JavaScript software development kits (SDKs) from its developer portal, which includes:

  • Map display web service, which delivers WMS-style raster maps based on TomTom’s flagship MultiNet map database. Tiles are pre-rendered at 18 zoom levels, ranging from a single global tile to 305x305 meter detailed map images.
  • Geocoding web service, enabling both free text forward geocoding (find a location by entering an unstructured address, place or POI) and reverse geocoding (identify a location from a pair of latitude and longitude coordinates).
  • Routing web service, which provides highly accurate point to point routing and route re-calculation using TomTom’s best-in-class algorithms.
  • Traffic web service, using TomTom’s HD Traffic to deliver real-time traffic incident and delay information.

Dan Adams, vice president of Location and Live Services at TomTom, said: “The launch of the TomTom LBS Platform is an important evolution. Now we can provide application developers with web-based access to high-quality location content worldwide.”

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