Every app needs to be in Google Play

Google Play LogoAppsGeyser hosts your apps after you’ve created them as a service. We also list apps in our own Market upon request. If you aren’t looking to make a popular app, that’s great.

For example, if you’re just making a prototype app to try out the app-making process, then there’s no reason to worry about distribution. Likewise, if you’re making an app for one person or a small group of people, there’s no reason to make an effort to distribute your app.

On the other hand, if you plan to make a popular app or if you want to sell your app, then Google Play is the place to go. Sure, it costs $25, but there’s no real way around it; people get apps from Google Play. Some people do download apps from other sources, but the vast majority of Android apps are downloaded from Google Play.

Advantages of Google Play

  • Google Play is the most commonly used Android app store.
  • You can choose to sell your app or give it away for free.
  • Once you register your first app, you don’t need to pay for additional apps, so you can have as many as you want.
  • Any app can be put into Google Play, as long as they meet Google’s Terms and Conditions.

Disadvantages of Google Play

  • Chinese customers can’t access Google Play.
  • If you violate the Terms and Conditions, your account may be suspended or even terminated.

The Bottom Line Regarding App Stores

  • If you want people to find your app, you need to put your app in an app store.
  • Unless you’re looking to distribute mainly in the Far East, Google Play is the best app store option for Android.
  • Don’t violate Google’s Terms and Conditions.
  • It’s worth considering other app stores after putting your app in Google Play.
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